[sugj-tech:7250] Prinntingの分からない点(04)

gwmaster ribbon @ ns.ribbon.or.jp
2009年 11月 19日 (木) 20:05:57 JST


Another method to quickly test the driver filenames and related
paths is provided by the rpcclient utility. Run it with enumdrivers
or with the getdriver subcommand, each at the 3 info level. In the
following example, TURBO_XP is the name of the Windows PC (in this
case it was a Windows XP Professional laptop). I installed the
driver locally to TURBO_XP from a Samba server called
KDE-BITSHOP. We could run an interactive rpcclient session; then we
would get an rpcclient /> prompt and would type the subcommands at
this prompt. This is left as a good exercise for you. For now, we
use rpcclient with the -c parameter to execute a single subcommand
line and exit again. This is the method you use if you want to
create scripts to automate the procedure for a large number of
printers and drivers. Note the different quotation marks used to
overcome the different spaces between words:





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