[sugj-tech:7341] TOSHARG-SecureLDAP.xmlの分からない点(1)

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2010年 2月 10日 (水) 19:03:28 JST

Now on to the good bit.

というのが分かりません。alcで引いても見たのですが、good bit で「ずっと」とか

        <sect1 id="s1-config-ldap-tls">

        <indexterm><primary>Transport Layer Seccurity, TLS</primary><secondary>設定</secondary></indexterm>
        Now on to the good bit.

        <sect2 id="s1-config-ldap-tls-certs">
        <title>Generating the Certificate Authority</title>

<indexterm><primary>Certificate Authority</primary><see>CA</see></indexterm>
        In order to create the relevant certificates, we need to become our own Certificate Authority (CA).
        <footnote><para>We could however, get our generated server certificate signed by proper CAs, like <ulink
        url="http://www.thawte.com/">Thawte</ulink> and <ulink url="http://www.verisign.com/">VeriSign</ulink>, which
        you pay for, or the free ones, via <ulink url="http://www.cacert.org/">CAcert</ulink>
        </para></footnote> This is necessary, so we can sign the server certificate.


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