[sugj-tech:7285] CUPS-Printingの分からない点(08)

gwmaster ribbon @ ns.ribbon.or.jp
2009年 12月 20日 (日) 20:50:32 JST

最近のW200xとXPプリンタドライバでは、Windows NTと違い、もはやカーネルモードでは


以前に説明したように、AdobeはMicrosoft PostScriptドライバのように安定している。CUPS
ドライバはMicrosoft由来である。こうなる簡単な理由がある。(Visual Studioのライセンス者に
対しては無償で使える)Windows NT用の、MicrosoftのDDK(Device Development Kit)は、
Microsoftのドライバのソースコードが含まれ、Visual Studioのライセンス者は固有のドライバ
<quote>MS DDK for Windows NT,</quote>の所有者であれば、ドライバを自分自身で調べる事が

More recent printer drivers on W200x and XP no longer run in kernel
mode (unlike Windows NT). However, both operating systems can still
use the NT drivers, running in kernel mode (you can roughly tell
which is which as the drivers in subdirectory “2” of “W32X86” are
“old” ones). As was said before, the Adobe as well as the Microsoft
PostScostScript drivers are not known to cause any stability
problems. The CUPS driver is derived from the Microsoft one. There
is a simple reason for this: the MS DDK (Device Development Kit) for
Windows NT (which used to be available at no cost to licensees of
Visual Studio) includes the source code of the Microsoft driver, and
licensees of Visual Studio are allowed to use and modify it for
their own driver development efforts. This is what the CUPS people
have done. The license does not allow them to publish the whole of
the source code. However, they have released the “diff” under the
GPL, and if you are the owner of an “MS DDK for Windows NT,” you can
check the driver yourself.


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