[samba-jp:21214] Re: smbldap-toolsの0.9.6が出てます。

Takahiro Kambe taca @ back-street.net
2010年 11月 29日 (月) 12:04:27 JST


In message <20101129022309.GA86661 @ ns.ribbon.or.jp>
	on Mon, 29 Nov 2010 11:23:09 +0900,
	gwmaster <ribbon @ ns.ribbon.or.jp> wrote:
> 2年半ぶりにバージョンが上がってます。
> https://gna.org/projects/smbldap-tools/

2010-11-15 <mm @ FreeBSD.org>
	* smbldap-useradd:
	  - fix Z option in getopt (custom LDAP attribute)
	  - drop unused L option from getopt
	  - alphabetically reorganize getopt options
	  - fix several mis-spellings and typos
	(thx to Paul Howarth <paul @ city-fan.org>)
	* other utilities:
	  - alphabetically reorganize getopt and help
	* new tag 0.9.6

2010-10-21 <mm @ FreeBSD.org>
	* new tool: smbldap-grouplist (list LDAP groups)
	* smbldap-useradd, smbldap-usershow, smbldap-usermod:
	  - change default encoding of givenName and sn to UTF-8 (bug #11717)
	  - new option: -X (input/output encoding, defaults to UTF-8)
	  - new option: -O (localMailAddress attribute)
	  - changed option: -M (now sets only mail attribute)
	  - home directory is now chowned as $userUidNumber:$userGidNumber
	    (bug #11721)
	  - use gecos as displayName if givenName and userSN not provided
	    (bug #14517)
	* smbldap-passwd:
	  - new option: -p (allow root to set password from 
	    STDIN without verification, e.g. using a pipe) (bug #11964)
	  - change userPassword, shadowLastChange and shadowMax individually
	    e.g. no shadow class or user may not have rights (bug #15052)
	* smbldap-groupmod: allow deletion of users from groups without 
	  a defined samba group SID)
	* remove references to smbldap_conf.pm

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