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<para><command moreinfo="none">samba</command>を起動する前に、
<command moreinfo="none">GNUPGHOME</command>環境変数をエクスポート

<para>You may need to export the <command moreinfo="none">GNUPGHOME</command>
environment variable before starting <command moreinfo="none">samba</command>.
<emphasis>It is strongly recommended to only store the public key in this
location. The private key is not used for encryption and should be
only stored where decryption is required.</emphasis></para>

にインポートする必要があるか(<command moreinfo="none">samba-tool user getpassword
</command>を参照)、パスワードを他のシステム、たとえば OpenLDAP サーバ
(<command moreinfo="none">samba-tool user syncpasswords</command>を参照)で


<para>Being able to restore the cleartext password helps, when they need to be imported
into other authentication systems later (see <command moreinfo="none">samba-tool user getpassword</command>)
or you want to keep the passwords in sync with another system, e.g. an OpenLDAP server
(see <command moreinfo="none">samba-tool user syncpasswords</command>).</para>

<command moreinfo="none">samba-tool user syncpasswords</command>コマンドは
単一ドメインコントローラのみで動かす必要がある(通常は PDCエミュレータ)。</para>

<para>While this option needs to be configured on all domain controllers, the
<command moreinfo="none">samba-tool user syncpasswords</command> command should
run on a single domain controller only (typically the PDC-emulator).</para>


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